About the TEA Fund

Our Mission

The Texas Equal Access Fund provides funding to low-income people in the northern region of Texas who are seeking abortion and cannot afford it, while simultaneously working to end barriers to abortion access through community education and shifting the current culture toward reproductive justice. 

What We Believe

The Texas Equal Access Fund believes that the right to reproductive choice is denied when people are unable to access abortion services. Restrictions on abortion access and funding are discriminatory because they especially burden the poor, the young, the rural, and people of color. We oppose all efforts to restrict abortion rights and are committed to fighting for access to abortion for all. We believe that abortion is a fundamental feature of health care, and that it is the responsibility of government to fund abortions for low-income people. However, in the absence of government funding, we believe it is our duty to act now to support those who want abortions and cannot afford them.

The People We Serve

The TEA Fund helps low-income and disadvantaged people who want an abortion and do not have enough money to pay for it. Our clients are residents of North Texas who seek an abortion at a clinic in the region. We have helped women who are single mothers, who are living in homeless shelters, who are survivors of domestic violence, who are ill, and who are very poor. We have helped girls as young as 11 and women as old as 44. The TEA Fund helps people afford the choice that will allow them to care for the children they already have, maintain their health, pursue their educations, leave unhealthy situations, and pay the next month’s bills. Hear from our clients.

How We Work

Most of our referrals come from clinics, when a woman tells a clinic that she wants an abortion and she can’t afford it. We do receive some referrals from our website, or from shelters or social workers who know about us. The woman who needs our help calls our hotline and leaves a message, and one of our volunteers returns her call within 24 hours. We discuss the caller’s financial situation and our ability to help. We do not provide options counseling, although we can refer the caller to resources that do. We do not pay the full cost of an abortion; usually our grants are an average of $250. This amount is paid directly to the clinic, after the client has received the procedure. 

Our Supporters

The TEA Fund is a 501c3 non-profit volunteer organization that raises its money through private donations. This cause is particularly difficult to fund because of the political context, so our board of directors works nonstop all year long to raise money through meetings with major donors and foundations, private house parties, benefit shows, yard sales, online and mail appeals, and various events. The TEA Fund has one of the largest budgets of any abortion fund in the nation, but the need in Texas is consistently growing. Join our work.