Who doesn't love tacos, beer, and funding abortion?

Take_the_Taco_or_Beer_Challenge!.pngIt's that time of year yet again -- time to eat a taco, drink a beer, and fund abortion with TEA Fund. In 2014, reproductive health, rights, and justice journalist Andrea Grimes sent out a challenge to abortion fund supporters everywhere. The idea was simple: 

1) Eat a taco, drink a beer, or do both. 

2) Take a photo of yourself eating said taco, drinking said beer, or doing both. 

3) Make a donation to an abortion fund or funds.

4) Post that pic on social media letting everyone know who you donated to and tagging 3 friends to do the same. 

We invite you to do it again with us! Take the photo, post it on your social, make a donation here to the Texas Equal Access Fund, and post online that you donated to @teafund! Let your friends know that you're up to the challenge of ensuring that abortion is more accessible in northern Texas!