We Will Remain

Today, our newsfeeds and timelines are delivering the message that our people are hurting. Our TEA Fund board members, our supporters, racial justice activists, and abortion rights advocates are scared, scarred, and uncertain about the future. The truth is, our past is not necessarily great, either. This past weekend, TEA Fund board members and staff had the deep honor to travel to Austin and be part of an Undoing Racism training with other Texas abortion funds, as well as organizations doing reproductive and racial justice work in Dallas and Houston. During this training, we talked about how white supremacy is baked into our system. It is the core organizing principle of the United States. And it will not be dismantled by waiting for the next election. We have to work every day in our community to dismantle the systems of oppression that have made it impossible for people to experience true racial, economic, and gender justice. 

We're still in our feelings today, but I wanted to make a promise to you that TEA Fund will continue to fund abortions and work to build power in our Texas community. Today we're being gentle with ourselves and each other; feelings are to be honored, and healing takes time. I myself am a white person, and I'm feeling my way through the need to recommit ourselves to work harder at ensuring that our work is anti-racist, and I want to extend all of my love and my solidarity with the people of color in our communities who continue to see white supremacy replicated in our systems and in relationships. I also want to honor the fear that is likely running through many people who can become pregnant today. Rhetoric about the need to punish people who have abortions during this election has been deeply damaging and emotionally traumatic for many in our community. To see that rhetoric win out is devastating. To see anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant rhetoric win out is devastating. To see people vote against healthcare access is devastating. We feel fear, as do you. 

But we also know that the only response is a recommitment to hope. The United States has never been a safe space for people of color, LGBT people, women, or immigrants. The work was going to be there no matter what. 

If you want to join us in putting pressure on our local systems to change, check out Repro Power Dallas. Sign your support, share with your friends, and email us at teafund@teafund.org to tell us how you'd like to support the effort to organize. If you want to escort at local abortion providers in Dallas/Fort Worth or answer calls to our funding hotline, fill out the form at teafund.org/volunteer

We will not stop funding abortions. We will not stop organizing for abortion access in Texas while discussing the ways in which racism, misogyny, transmisogyny and transphobia, homophobia, economic exploitation, and white supremacist patriarchy impact our communities. And we will take care of each other today and always. 

Below is a picture of the group from our Undoing Racism training this past weekend. This photo gives me life today, even as I sit with a deep sense of sadness. This group of abortion funders and reproductive justice and anti-racism activists from Texas give me hope. We're not going anywhere. 

In solidarity,

Nan Kirkpatrick

Executive Director, Texas Equal Access Fund 


Texas abortion funds TEA Fund, Lilith Fund, Fund Texas Choice, Frontera Fund, Clinic Access Support Network, Bridge Collective, Shift., Jane's Due Process, and National Network of Abortion Funds with representatives from The Afiya Center, Dallas Action, and BLMHTX, along with Undoing Racism trainers from the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond