We're taking Texas to court for abortion access.

Today, Texas Equal Access Fund and our partners at Whole Woman's Health Alliance, The Afiya Center, Lilith Fund, Fund Texas TPL_Austin.jpgChoice, and West Fund have filed a lawsuit against an entire group of Texas anti-abortion restrictions that have been on the books for years. We are suing the state to repeal an entire web of laws that have created an almost insurmountable barrier to abortion access for our callers and other pregnant people in Texas, including mandatory waiting period, TRAP laws that hinder abortion providers ability to remain open, parental involvement laws, and laws that restrict the use of telemedicine to provide abortion access. 

TEA Fund is proud to be one of several Texas abortion funds bringing this case against the web of laws that make it so hard for people in our state to access abortion. We hear the stories of the people most impacted by these laws every day on our abortion funding hotline -- some of whom live hundreds of miles from the nearest abortion provider and struggling to afford time off from work or childcare for their families -- so we are intimately aware of the ways that the Texas legislature's war on reproductive healthcare access -- including access to abortion -- has devastated the rights of people who can become pregnant in Texas.

Abortion is healthcare -- and it's also a part of the struggle for bodily autonomy, self-determination, and economic justice. We're bringing this lawsuit because people in Texas deserve access to safe, compassionate, quality abortion care regardless of their income, race, immigration status, or circumstance. Texas's long-term extremist attacks on abortion access disproportionately impact marginalized communities -- people of color, people in our rural communities, immigrants, young people, the economically oppressed. As an abortion fund, TEA Fund knows this first hand because we talk on the phone with people every day who are struggling to access abortion. In our more than 10 years of abortion funding, we've assisted tens of thousands of people from North Texas and the Panhandle who were seeking abortion and being denied their reproductive rights by these laws. 

Today we say enough and fight back against the web of unnecessary, harmful abortion restrictions in Texas. See you in court!