Today is the Day to Reclaim Roe

Today is the 43rd anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. It is a day to think about the right to bodily autonomy and the right of people to make decisions for themselves and their families. It is a day to remember the decision that made abortion a legal right in the United States. 

But it is also a day to reflect on the myriad ways that right has been eroded. It is a day to not only reflect on how access to abortion is a gender justice issue, but an economic and racial justice issue, too. It's a day to reflect on lack of access to birth control, whether because of decisions like Hobby Lobby or lack of resources to purchase birth control or lack of access to factual and straightforward information. It's a day to think about how economics impact family planning at every turn, from being the deciding factor in why many of those seeking abortion choose to do so, to making it hard to access birth control, to blocking people's ability to choose abortion. 

Today is the day to reclaim Roe. 

Today is the day to stop being afraid and speak up in favor of access to safe and legal abortion. Today is the day to stand with marginalized communities that are hardest hit by restrictions on access -- communities of color, young people, people living in rural communities, and immigrants. Today is the day to stand with all families facing a variety of struggles that impede the ability to live in safety and have access to opportunity. 

Today is the day to reclaim Roe. 

At Texas Equal Access Fund, we've seen the direct results of restrictions on federal funding for abortion, lack of access to health insurance, and the laws that closed so many of the clinics here in our state. We know first hand about people who didn't have gas money to get from Lubbock to Fort Worth for an abortion; we know about people who've had to sell valuable possessions to pay or their procedure. We've spoken to people who were likely forced by lack of access to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, further entrenching them in the cycle of poverty and violating their human rights to bodily autonomy and personal decision making. We hope that you will help us reclaim Roe because we want to live in a world where everyone has the access that makes choice possible.  

Today is the day that we, together, reclaim Roe.