Texas will have our day in court!

Today we learned that the Supreme Court of the United States will review portions of HB2, the omnibus abortion legislation that devastated abortion access in Texas when it was passed in 2013. This means that today we have a little bit more hope about what tomorrow might hold for the right and ability of all people in Texas to access their rights to bodily autonomy, economic opportunity, and healthcare. 

Because abortion is a part of all of these. 

At TEA Fund, we see firsthand the impact that the law has had on people across Texas. We used to work with clinics in San Angelo, Lubbock, Midland, and Waco; these are all gone now, and we hear from people who not only need assistance paying for an abortion, but who also express a need for gas money or a place to stay when they travel the 300+ miles to their abortion. We've heard from people who planned on sleeping in their cars outside of clinics, even with assistance. We believe that no one should have to go to such measures to access healthcare -- and abortion IS healthcare. We also believe that it is fundamentally unjust that some people in our state have been cut off from a procedure that is their right simply because of their zip code or how much money they make. For a person living in Houston, access to an abortion looks dramatically different than it does for someone in Abilene. Is this justice? We think not. 

And now there is a chance that the Court will decide that they do not believe this to be justice, either. We are nervous, of course. So much is riding on the outcome of this case. And for the people who come to us for assistance, there will still be struggles no matter what the Court decides. Economic injustice has long been dividing who can and who cannot access abortion. However, today we celebrate the hope that continues to live within us as long as there is even a chance that we might get justice for the Texans who can become pregnant and people who might become pregnant across the United States. 

Thank you to Whole Woman's Health and the Center for Reproductive Rights for taking the case to the Court, and thank you to National Network of Abortion Funds, National Abortion Federation, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, and all of the other organizations preparing briefs and gearing up for a continued fight. 

And now...on to SCOTUS!