Bowl-a-Thon 2017


We know you are excited to #FundAbortionBuildPower in 2017! But are you ready to #bowl17?

That’s right, it’s time to get your TEAm ready for Bowl-a-Thon! You don't need to be agood bowler to participate! In fact, all you need is a passion for making reproductive rights a reality in North Texas, a willingness to ask your friends, family, and colleagues to support you, and a commitment to having fun along the way!

First -- Mark Your Calendars:

The TEA Fund Bowl-a-Thon will be Saturday, April 22 at USA Bowl in Dallas. Can’t be there in person? Don’t worry you can still participate!

Second -- Get Ready to Fun-Raise:

Are you a seasoned Bowl-a-Thon participant? Start brainstorming team names, recruit up to 5 friends to join you, and get ready for an awesome season of fundraising! The new fundraising site is easy-to-use and super secure. It’s also really well-equipped to help you raise more cash. And as always you’ll have plenty of support from the Bowl-a-Thoncommittee to reach your goals!

Are you ready to bowl with us for the first time? AMAZING! We will have resources, tips and information to make fundraising a FUN and easy process. Get ready for the Bowl-a-Thon by reaching out to friends and forming a team. Feeling social? Use the hashtag #bowl17 to share the love. Keep in mind you can have up to 6 people on a team, and the minimum fundraising commitment is $150 per person.

Third -- Sign up!

You can register your team or join a team here:

Start your team early to make sure you meet your goal!

We’re so excited to #fundabortionbuildpower through #bowl17 with you this year!

April 22, 2017 at 1pm - 4pm
Steve Leary Stacey Neathery Lauren Maxwell

Will you come?