TEA Fund Supports the Black Mamas Bail Out in Dallas

right_to_justice.jpgFor Mother's Day, Texas Equal Access Fund is joining up with Texas Organizing Project, The Afiya Center, Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, and Friendship-West Baptist Church to bail Black mamas out of jail in Dallas County as part of the national Black Mamas Bail Out. TEA Fund is extremely honored to have been invited to take part in supporting this effort. Let's talk about why. 

When mamas are stuck in jail over an inability to pay cash bail, there is no justice. This is pre-trial arrest; these mamas have not yet been convicted of any crime. And while they sit in jail over an inability to pay their bail, they aren't able to be home with their families. They may lose their jobs, their housing, and even custody of their children. And we should be explicit: the system is racist. Black people are over two times more likely to be arrested and once arrested are twice as likely to be caged before trial. As an organization that not only works to ensure true reproductive freedom for all people -- and that includes people being able to care for their families without the threat of state violence disrupting their security -- as well as an organization committed to solidarity in the fight against racist oppression, taking part in the Black Mamas Bail Out in Dallas wasn't even a question to consider. It was a resounding yes. 

At TEA Fund, we fund abortion now while working to end barriers to abortion access for the future. People who are being oppressed by the system right this minute can't wait for some future shift to experience justice. Organizations like Texas Organizing Project and Color of Change are working to end the cash bail system, but in the meantime, bailouts allow people who are experiencing oppression at the hands of our legal system to have some level of justice in the meantime. People sometimes languish in county jails for months over a bail as low as $79 because they cannot afford to pay it -- and these are folks who haven't even yet been convicted of any crime. TEA Fund knows all-too-well what it means to have rights-in-name-only because poverty is blocking access to those rights. 

What we need now is for you to join us, too. Click here to donate to the effort to bail Black mamas out of jail next week. The more we can raise, the more Black mamas we can have home with their families for Mother's Day. Let's celebrate the rights of all people to parent in peace and security by taking some action toward justice together.