Profiles in Equal Access: Kelsey

Most of the social work students who come to us to intern don't know anything about the Texas Equal Access Fund or the unnamed.jpgnumerous barriers to abortion access in Texas. It's amazing to watch them learn more about TEA Fund and then become staunch advocates for reproductive justice. We watched this happen with Kelsey, who was so moved by her time as an intern in the fall of 2015 that she then joined our board last January. 

When did you get involved with TEA Fund?

I became involved with TEA Fund as a graduate social work intern and loved it so much that I joined the board of directors after graduation.

What does TEA Fund mean to you?

At an individual level, TEA Fund became a place that helped me truly grow and expand my knowledge of reproductive health care in our country. My time as an intern was instrumental in helping me develop and foster a deeper understanding of reproductive justice and abortion access.

To me, TEA Fund means empowering individuals by trusting women with their bodies and protecting our freedom to autonomously make choices for our lives and ourselves.

What ways do you think TEA Fund benefits your community?

TEA Fund creates a much-needed space for women in Texas, especially with such a historically combative political climate regarding social justice issues. Though much of this work means helping individuals fund their abortions, TEA Fund also plays an extremely important role in supporting several macro-level social advocacy and policy efforts.

The community is the real gateway to constructing large-scale sustainable change, and in this respect, TEA Fund understands the intersections of abortion access and the myriad of social justice issues surrounding abortion access.

Why do you support TEA?

The coalition building and community-educating happening in North Texas is just awesome and so encouraging! It’s super exciting to be present in such a time of forward momentum and mobilization around reproductive justice!

If you could set one obtainable goal for your involvement in TEA, what would it be?

My goal is to attend more community events and to put the full-court-press on my colleagues and friends to come with me! Having two friends sign up as intake volunteers would be great!

If you want to get more involved in working for equal access to abortion and justice for people in North Texas, visit And you can make this work possible with a gift of any size at