Profiles in Equal Access: Del

One of the things we hear sometimes is, "Where are the guys?!" We know that it's important that men support access to abortion, and we wanted to introduce you to Del. Del discovered TEA Fund through the bowl-a-thon last year, and he's become a big supporter for the fund and an outspoken advocate for reproductive rights and justice. 
How did you first get involved in TEA Fund? 1459464944178.jpg
My first involvement with the TEA Fund was last year's Bowl-a-thon (2015). I bowled with Jermy Johnson's team, the Back Alley Blessings. I improbably won a trophy for high score or series--can't remember. I am somehow using my shoe to gloat in this photo.
What does TEA Fund mean to you? 
To me? The TEA Fund means acknowledging reality--real-world situations that exist independently of anybody's set ideals or expectations. It means providing a way out of unfortunate circumstances for people who desperately want or need them. It means a more level playing field in the face of discriminatory legislation. 
In what ways do you think TEA Fund helps your community? 
Life is tough and unpredictable, but for some so very much more than others. TEA Fund provides the immeasurable gift of a second chance to women in real, immediate need. It gives hope as well as help to people who may have nowhere else to go.
Why do you support TEA Fund? 
I support the TEA Fund because I believe in personal liberty and freedom of choice for every person in every area of life, and I believe that the entrenched, anachronistic agendas of the narrow-minded, the unfair and the out-of-touch should never dictate the course of any woman's health, economic prospects, or future.
I'm captaining my first team this year for Bowl-a-Thon--STRIKE FARCE 5000. I've got a good set of dudes bowling with me, and I'm REALLY hoping we exceed our team fundraising goal. GIVE US YOUR MONEYS!