Profiles in Equal Access

Leisha Anders is a nursing student, musician, poet, and artist who has been volunteering with TEA Fund for over a year. We at_school_copy.JPGasked Leisha why she supports the TEA Fund. 

When did you get involved with TEA Fund?

I got involved with TEA Fund last summer. I was interested because of the path women's health has taken, especially in Texas, and wanted to support the fight for reproductive freedom in some way. 

What does TEA Fund mean to you?

TEA Fund means the world to me because it is supporting women who have few options for this level of health support. 

In what ways do you think TEA Fund benefits your community? Why do you support TEA Fund, and what is your goal for this year when it comes to your work for equal access in Texas? 

The fund supports my community by supporting women in general, giving them options for acute health care. That is the reason I supported them with the hotline last year. This year my goal is to support TEA Fund with fundraisers. As a performing artist I have the ability to raise money and tell people about the work of the TEA Fund with an artist's voice. I am very grateful for that opportunity. 

Leisha is developing a performance for TEA Fund that will help our community understand why abortion access is so essential to a healthy and thriving community. Look for that coming up in 2016!