Profiles in Equal Access: Rosie

Rosie is one of TEA Fund's dedicated clinic escorts! We can't thank Rosie enough for helping us work for equal abortion access for rosie_curts.pngeveryone. 

When did you get involved with TEA? I started volunteering as a clinic escort, beginning with the very first shift of the new escort program in 2016. I had left a full-time job the previous fall and decided that while I searched for a new one, I should devote my free time to volunteering for causes important to me.

In what ways do you think TEA Fund benefits your community?
In general, I can't imagine how it could ever NOT benefit a community when money is given to people who need it, for services they need. In addition, TEA Fund also provides a non-judgmental place for women to turn when they need it most. Earlier this year, I gave a ride to a friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend to a clinic for a procedure, and knowing that she was able to afford a more expensive, second-trimester procedure that she very much wanted and needed in part because of TEA Fund was such a relief to her.

Why do you support TEA? What's not to support? If you support the existence of women, you should support a program that helps them in their time of need. If you support methods for lower-income people to afford health care, then TEA Fund is the organization to support!


If you could set one goal for your involvement in TEA, what would it be? Well, I should start another full-time job in late August, so I'll unfortunately have to stop escorting. I will definitely make a goal of being sure that I am still involved in other ways, and once I have a reliable salary, I plan to making a monthly donation!


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