Profiles in Fighting for Equal Access: Adrienne

TEA Fund is made up of lots of people from North Texas and beyond who support and work for equal access to abortion for IMG_4393.JPGeveryone. We wanted to give a shout out to those people! That's why we're starting a new feature: Profiles in Fighting for Equal Access. First up: Adrienne. Adrienne is currently TEA Fund board president, and we're inspired by all that Adrienne has done to increase abortion access in North Texas and beyond! 


When did you get involved with TEA?


I got involved with TEA Fund when my colleague, Maia Cudhea asked me to join her Bowl-A-Thon team to raise money for abortion access. After participating and learning more about TEA Fund, I signed up to intern with the organization during grad school.  Afterwards, I joined the Board of Directors and have served as President since Fall 2014. 


In what ways do you think TEA Fund benefits your community?


As a native Texan, young woman of color, and person who has had abortions, TEA Fund is an integral link between me, my community and access to reproductive justice. As an organization, we offer direct support to fulfill the various financial barriers that inhibit us from planning out the future of our own lives and our families. In addition, we are continually working to connect the struggle of inaccessibility to reproductive health for local friends through art performances, benefit shows, and workshops. We are furthering an atmosphere of understanding and support in our community so that one day people can choose abortion, adoption, and raising children safely, and without shame or stigma. 


Why do you support TEA?


I support TEA because we live in a society where access to abortion is relative based on geographic location, class, race, age and immigration status. I am glad to be a part of an organization that understands the complexities of the lives that individuals lead and are working along those intersections to create a space where people and communities can thrive. 


If you could set one goal for your involvement in TEA, what would it be? 


My goal is to grow the practical support availability in North Texas. As a clinic worker and TEA Fund hotline volunteer, I speak to multiple people daily who are in need of transportation, childcare or lodging assistance in addition to the having the payment for their abortion. I want to help fulfill this gap until we reach the goal of government and insurance support for these needs. 


If you would like to become a supporter of equal access in Texas, visit our volunteer sign up page or our donate page. Together we can overcome the barriers to reproductive freedom facing North Texas and the Panhandle!