Pro-Life? Try Anti-Family at the Texas lege.

Yesterday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the anti-sanctuary legislation SB4 into law. This racist piece of legislation gives law enforcement the ability to racially profile people in Texas, and it threatens to make our communities less safe. It will impact the ability of undocumented people to access safety, healthcare, education, and civil rights. It will separate families. This legislation is racist, and it is anti-family. Period. 

This session, the Texas legislature has taken it upon itself to seek new heights in anti-family legislation. Consider HB3859, a bill that would allow adoption agencies to discriminate against parents seeking to adopt based on their religion. With a CPS crisis in the state and so many children seeking homes, HB3859 doesn't help strengthen families or support children. It does, however, support bigotry under the guise of religious freedom. True religious freedom supports people practicing whatever religion they have determined is best for themselves and their families. 

Certain Texas legislators and our Governor would have you believe that they are pro-life. But what policies are they promoting that are actually good for families and children? SB4 could actually separate families, leaving children without a parent if a parent is deported. HB3859 does nothing to support children seeking adoption. And these are just two examples of bills from this session that show that some of our state lawmakers are more interested in discrimination than making sure that families are safe, healthy, and supported. 

Texas Equal Access Fund participated in the Dallas County 4 All coalition to pass a Welcoming Community resolution in Dallas County in the face of SB4. We oppose all measures taken at the Texas legislature to codify racism and religious discrimination into law. We oppose these things because it is right, and because we support the ability of all people to raise families in supportive environments. People's human rights shouldn't be denied because of their race, ethnicity, real or perceived documentation status, or religion. Join us in fighting for true reproductive justice and human rights in all ways; it's the only way to truly be pro-life and pro-family.