Introducing our new executive director!

Back in July we let you know that after four years with the TEA Fund, our executive director Nan Little Kirkpatrick would be moving on to new endeavors. While we were sad to lose Nan -- together we have dramatically increased our ability to fund abortion, become a presence at the Capitol during state legislative session, created a base of local support for abortion access, built relationships with partners working toward racial and economic justice, and added the client engagement program for more robust caller support and organizing -- we were also excited about the opportunity to regroup, dig deep to connect with what's most important to us, and go through the process of seeking new leadership. We thank Nan for everything they've accomplished in four years, and we are so excited to introduce you to our new executive director: Kamyon Conner. 
Kamyon Conner has actually been involved with TEA Fund for a long time; she first started as a hotline volunteer in 2007 and joined our board in 2013. She's also our intake coordinator, which means she knows our foundational abortion funding program inside out and has lots of experience managing our direct services.  She received her master’s degree in social work from the University of Texas in Arlington and her undergraduate degree in social work from the University of North Texas. Kamyon calls Denton, Texas her home, where she enjoys spending time with her partner and chosen family. She's a member of the board of the National Network of Abortion Funds, which means she's very plugged into the work of our movement and ready to hit the ground running. 
Kamyon has also been a driving force for OUTreach Denton, working to provide support for LGBTQ teens in Denton, Texas, and is on the steering committee for PRIDENTON, where she works to create safe and celebratory spaces for LGBTQ people that center people of color.  As a queer black woman, Kamyon brings to our organization a lived experience and a lens that will help deepen and broaden our work for reproductive justice in northern Texas. 
Kamyon will officially be starting with TEA Fund in November. Keep an eye on this space. We'll surely have a meet n' greet once she gets started so you can meet Kamyon and get to know her a little better. We are sure you'll love her as much as we do. 
In solidarity, 
Rosemary Candelario
TEA Fund Board President 

A Note from Nan

Hi y'all. I can't believe we're here! When this process started months ago, I was excited -- and today I am elated. I have known Kamyon for four years, and I have never met anyone quite like her. Kamyon Conner is someone who perfectly marries the heart and the head when it comes to this work. She has vision. She puts 110% into everything she does, and she is rigorous when it comes to her work standards. But she's also all heart. She brings self-care and community support principles into her work always. I don't think I could've created someone who is more of a perfect balance of principles, values, know-how, and gumption if I'd been given a magic wand. On a personal level, it makes my heart sing to have Kamyon take the helm of the Texas Equal Access Fund. 

So I said I started out this process excited, and I'm still excited. I'm excited to see what's next for TEA Fund under Kamyon's leadership. I will be a huge supporter. I will continue to give my time and my money to fund abortion access in northern Texas with TEA Fund. Heck, I'll do it in part just to get to hang out with Kamyon. I invite you to join me in continuing to support this organization as we grow into the new year and beyond. 
With all my heart, 
Nan Kirkpatrick 
Outgoing Executive Director

A Message from Kamyon

I am overjoyed to continue my journey with Texas Equal Access Fund as the next Executive Director. I will not transition into this role until next month but I wanted to share my sentiments of excitement and dedication with you all as the new leader of TEA Fund.

I am a native Texan and have always been a small town girl. I was raised by a single mother of two and have been witness to the struggle and sacrifices made by people of color, people in rural areas, people of low income, queer people and people living with disabilities first hand. Living this reality provided me with a motivation to change what I can to ensure justice, equality and access for all people.

I began my activist career with the founders of the TEA Fund, protesting a pharmacist in Denton who refused to fill a patient’s emergency birth control. I soon became a hotline volunteer providing funding for callers seeking abortion access but were unable to access this inherent right due to financial burdens. After finishing graduate school I joined the TEA Fund Board of Directors and became the Intake Director. The past 11 years that I have spent dedicated to ensuring abortion access with the TEA Fund have primed me for my new role as the Executive Director.

Abortion access is under attack currently in our nation and we at TEA Fund have worked tirelessly to increase abortion access and will continue to fight for the rights of all Texans to access abortions. I hope to use our collective power and fearless energy to ensure that the most marginalized populations are able to access abortion care in North Texas.

I cannot wait to see many of you whom I know, and meet all that I have not yet met at our upcoming meet and greet event. Thank you for your continued support of our work. Sustaining abortion access for all Texans will take each of us and I am thrilled for you to join us in this new journey. 

See you soon, 
Kamyon Conner
Incoming Executive Director